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What is the Discount Healthcare Program?

The program is an exclusive and unique discount medical, dental, prescription, vision, vitamins and other health services program available through the The Access Organization. This is a discount program, not insurance. Discount programs are an alternative to insurance and offer discounted rates on services or products at participating providers or locations.

How does the Discount Healthcare Program work?

Members gain access to participating providers for their healthcare needs. Savings on various services are available through this Program. The amount of savings varies depending on the type of provider and type of services received. The Program does not make payment to the provider. You are obligated to pay the discounted rate for services directly to the provider. The Discount Healthcare Program also provides consultations, prescription access over the phone, and other services related to healthcare which are handled by your Personal Healthcare Advisor.

Do I need this program if I have insurance?

The Program is not insurance but can serve as a great supplement, especially if your plan has a high deductible or lacks coverage in some areas, or to reduce "out of pocket" expenses.

Who will be included in my Discount Healthcare family membership?

Family members included in this type of membership are any spouse and children residing in your household. Spouse includes those legally recognized as having spousal rights under Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships.

How do I get started once I enroll?

Once you are a member, you will have access to an online Member’s Area, where you can review your welcome letter, print your membership cards, and locate participating providers, as well as review the details of your program and Member Terms, Conditions and Disclosures. To receive discounts, you must visit a participating provider or location and present your membership card. Other services and benefits may be accessed online or over the phone by following the instructions indicated in the benefit details for the program.

How can I update my account information?

All account information can be managed and updated by calling us at 844-RINGTAO (746-4826)

How can I locate a provider in my area?

To find local dentists, eye doctors, pharmacies or hearing providers where you can use T.A.O.’s Program simply click here to do a search. Members can visit their online Member’s Area where this information can also be found.

How do I reach my Personal Healthcare Advisor?

Your Personal Healthcare Advisor can be reached by calling 844-RINGTAO (746-4826) or by logging into the Member’s Area and going to the Member Details link to submit an inquiry through the Karis360 benefit.

How do I log into my online Member’s Area?

Click here and login using the username and password established during the enrollment process. Use this link to have your password emailed to you in the event you have forgotten it.

How can I cancel my plan?

To request the cancellation of your program, please contact us at 844-RINGTAO (746-4826) for assistance or email us using the Contact Us feature.

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